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You will not find another professional like Wendy. Her style with classes is engaging and confident, stimulating and thoughtful, with plenty of humour and soul. With skilful emotional and cultural sensitivity Wendy creates cohesive and purposeful engagements fast, covering executive coaching 1:1 through to senior management training courses. With wide-ranging skills and highly relevant experiences to illustrate her teaching points, I get the feeling that she can handle any workplace or personal scenario as a valuable learning experience for counselling, training and career development.

David Heath, Director of Education Sales EMEA at Adobe Systems

Wendy has facilitated a number of management training sessions I’ve attended. She is engaging, entertaining, self-deprecating, empathetic, natural, insightful, thought-provoking…. I could go on, but most importantly, she is incredibly effective. Participants engage and commit. Wendy has a great ability to create a clearing with an anecdote that allows participants to abandon their folded-arms, eye-rolling, chair-slouching skepticism and step into the light of receptiveness. With her deep pan-country/pan-culture experience, Wendy naturally addresses the subtleties of conducting business as a company on the world stage. This isn’t textbook, this is life. This isn’t “think global”, this is “be global”. I hope to benefit from her training again in the future and have no hesitation wholeheartedly providing this recommendation. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.

Adrian O’Lenskie, Director Engineering at Adobe Systems, Scotland

I have had the pleasure to attend training with Wendy as a trainer several times and I have always been extremely pleased with the result. She will make sure that the content being delivered sticks with good examples of real life situations where its been used and what effects it have had. Great personality with deep insight in the latest research as well as a strong understanding of different individuals needs makes her one of the best trainers I have worked with.

Johan Salenstedt, Managing Director Nordics at Adobe Systems

Wendy is one of the best management and team building trainer in EMEA I worked with. She is extremely well prepared, shares her rich experience and knowledge with participants who perceive her as very wise. She is well known for her eye-opening stories which give every training with Wendy a special flavor. Her sense of humor and her openness make it easy for participants to stay focused and productive classes on leadership and other soft skill topics, which she is able to deliver very professionally! It is hard to find other trainers of this high caliber.

Frank Rohde, Senior HR Manager at Adobe

Having attended various Management & Team Building training by Wendy, I was impressed by her extended professional experience in the field. Additionally, Wendy brings to her sessions the multi cultural awareness aspects that truly helped us working for Adobe, a multi cultural and multilingual environment, which we all know it, equates to many challenges. Wendy’s passion in her work and dedication for sharing knowledge shows in her capability to see these challenges, and she understands what is important to move forward and be productive for the future on all sides. She is extremely client-focused, flexible, thoughtful and a truly engaging facilitator. And last, but not least, she makes the training sessions a fun experience! Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.

Bruno Fonzi, Engineering Manager at Adobe

Wendy was the staffing and recruiting executive assigned to support me at Apple. She not only educated me on the basics of identifying top talent but also the skills in attracting talent to the role and the company. We crossed paths again at Sun, this time as a training consultant where Wendy excelled in organization design and leadership skill-building a role she continues today.

Michael J Bellissimo, former Training Manager, Apple


The day we had with Wendy was exactly what my staff needed. The day helped us to be more self-aware of how our own personalities and natural tendencies impact our relationships with colleagues and how we view our students. What we learned enabled us to be more conscientious of how we can better relate to and work with each other. We were also able to reflect on how we need to alter our teaching to reach the multiple personalities in our classrooms. One of the great things about the day was that what we learned not only applied to our teaching, but extended to every relationship we have in life.  The ultimate compliments for the day was from multiple teachers who commented that the day was so great they didn’t spend any time thinking of their classrooms. That says a lot given it was two days before school started.

Ryan Peterson, Principal of Tularcitos Elementary School

Wendy was one of our guest lecturers for our annual parenting series. Her two-day workshop was titled “Choosing a Parenting Style that Fits Your Child’s Personality”. The two sessions were very well attended and parents rated the series as outstanding. They indicated that the content was current and relevant, valuable, well organized and that they would recommend the presenter to a similar audience. Specific remarks included, but not limited to:”Fantastic”, “Loved it”, “Wendy was fabulous”, “More people could use this in their lives” and “Eye-opening”. Wendy has a genuine passion for the Myers-Briggs Personality Test (MBTI) and how it can enhance not only our relationships with friends and family, but how the information can be utilized and leveraged to become more effective professionals. Her extensive experience and knowledge of the MBTI, coupled with her excellent communication and interpersonal skills, should compel any professional and/or organization to consider her services.

Heath Rocha, Chief Student Services Officer at Carmel Unified School District

Wendy became my coach at a time where I was at a turning point in my professional and personal life. She was of a tremendous help. She forced me to reflect on my past and set some directions for the future. With her particular style (she can push you to your limits), she helped me ask myself the right questions, a thing I had never done so far. She also helped me define what a successful life could really mean for me. Her coaching went way beyond leadership or the next steps in my career path. Her focus, at the end, is on making you a better person, a better leader, father, husband. Wendy can really help you set the right priorities that will make your life a successful one.

Emmanuel Feront, Sales Manager – Africa, Global Construction & Infrastructure, Caterpillar (Geneva, Switzerland)

Besides her obvious mastery of organizational behavior and expertise in leadership/group development & coaching, Wendy was able to truly listen to our needs. She went beyond the classical tools, frameworks, and was able to provide the team with a tailored, insightful training that totally fulfilled our needs. Wendy is committed, engaging and empathetic, but what I appreciate the most is her genuine relationship building aptitude. She is herself a leader, who I strongly recommend as an world-class business trainer. Thanks Wendy!

Stephan Monterde, Senior Manager Corporate Development at Cisco Systems

It is with pleasure that I write this recommendation for Wendy. I have known Wendy for 3 years and had the opportunity to work with Wendy while living in Europe. Wendy exhibits many qualities that are essential to be a highly effective coach and facilitator with the insight to understand and analyze a company’s culture and key professionals within a company.
My experience with Wendy included 360’s review processes which she conducted with extraordinary knowledge and astuteness. In addition, her recommendations demonstrated her ability to recognized and synthesize multiple variables. Wendy has genuine interest in the success of the individual she coaches. She is highly effective and has a remarkable ability to understand both professional and personal dynamics. She is able to provide insightful perspective of a situation based on her understanding of the Company’s culture and her interaction with key professionals within the company. She offers relevant meaningful suggestions on how to overcome challenging situations. As a facilitator, Wendy is objective and responsive to individual needs and concerns. She is able to directly influence people working within the company and her contributions as a coach and facilitator results in positive outcomes which are highly valued and appreciated.
Wendy’s warm, engaging and caring personality makes it easy to establish a trusting relationship. I would highly recommend Wendy as a facilitator and a coach. Wendy has an innate ability to lead by example and many people find her enthusiasm and dedication inspiring. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity.

Barbara Heimburger, Finance Director, Colgate Palmolive

Wendy was my career coach and provided excellent input and action steps for me. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area. I would strongly recommend her services. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.

Robert Russo, Vice President Finance, Colgate Palmolive (HQ)

I have successfully worked with Wendy for over 4 years both in personal coaching and a number of team development sessions. Wendy is a very open and genuinely caring person who brings a ton of energy and insights to every engagement. She always is well prepared, both on process and content and at the same time is flexible and capable to change the agenda based on her individual client’s needs. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in coaching as well as learning and development that she uses very effectively in both team and individual sessions. With her enthusiastic and extrovert personality she is able to focus and energize teams very effectively throughout full day intense training sessions. Being a Californian who lived abroad for many years she brings unique perspectives and insights into the cross-cultural challenges of Europeans working for Silicon Valley companies. I always enjoyed working with Wendy very much and I got personally and professionally a lot out of it. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity.

Christian Kunz, Senior Director Global Advertising, eBay (Bern, Switzerland)

Wendy is a very caring, approachable and competent professional. I have appreciated her knowledge and insights during my sessions immensely and am very grateful for Wendy’s dedicated support. I couldn’t have asked for a more relaxed, professional, fun, thoughtful and goal thriving coach.

Christine Reichenbach, Events Planning Manager, eBay (Bern, Switzerland)

I consider Wendy a close colleague, although she doesn’t formally work with PayPal but provides very useful and insightful trainings to all of us. I had the pleasure to attend two of these training sessions and I learned more from them than from all the business psychology books I ever read. She has an unparalleled empathy and ability to understand a manager (and the person behind the manager), and to reveal areas of growth and opportunities as well as shortfalls and areas of improvement. I would recommend Wendy for (top) managers coaching and developing potentials training.

Elena Antognazza, Head of Marketing, PayPal (Italy)

Wendy is an exceptional trainer. The value she adds and the results she accomplishes are due to the fact that, in addition to her vast experience, Wendy truly cares about the people she trains and stretches herself well beyond the usual requirements of her tasks. She is insightful, committed, emotionally bright, extremely generous and goes the extra distance EVERY time. She truly delivers more than any trainer that I have worked with in my professional career.

Rally Eskinazi, Director, Commercial OperationsTHV, EMEA, Edwards Lifesciences

As I write this I have been working with Wendy for 5 months now. She has been extremely helpful to me as a coach on a number of fronts during my transition to relocating to Europe, taking on a completely new role in the company I work for and leading a new team. Wendy has offered me incredibly valuable advise and given me great insights about how I can be a better manager. I recommend Wendy unequivocally.

Bill Haack, Vice President, EMEA, Genomic Health

Wendy has a keen sense of reading individual participants and challenging them in order to make real gains in team communication and development. Her professionalism and respect for people combined with her drive for accomplishing training goals is most valuable.

Jim Vaughn, R.Ph. VP International Sales and Marketing, Genomic Health International

First contact with Wendy was several years ago when we were both working in Sun Microsystems. I had a rather junior role back then but was very impressed from both the approach and the results. Recently I had the luck to meet with Wendy again as we were looking for a professional to coach our HR team meeting. As the CHRO of rather big private equity company that recently underwent a major transformational change, we are building a new HR team with several new members along side few existing. Due to the degree of change and all other factors, this week long session was really complex and extremely challenging. Wendy agreed to take on the challenge and despite numerous adversities managed to adopt on the way and deliver excellent results. Both her ability to allow people to express themselves and her “magic” way of passing a wealth of knowledge and experience without coming across too academic were impressive. In my 20 years of career this was one of the toughest set ups and Wendy was probably the best facilitator I had encountered.Fantastic professional and true human being. Would recommend her without second thoughts!

Panorea Karanikolopoulou, Chief People Officer at Global Blue

I went along to this workshop (“”Using Myers-Briggs Style Indicator to Better Understand Yourself and Your Students””) with very few pre-conceived ideas or previous knowledge about personality types. As someone that feels she knows herself well and is familiar with her character traits, I was curious to see if there was a “type” for me! I enjoyed the energy and interactive element of the workshop, and just wish it could have been longer. The workshop as useful in reinforcing my understanding of our differences and has helped me during strained collaborative planning sessions for example!

Sarah Osterbery, Teacher at the International School of Geneva

The workshop (“Personality Types and Raising Kids”) was very revealing for me and my wife. It was not my first time introduction to MBTI but having the perspective of MBTI and raising kids allowed me and my wife to look at our two children, one introverted and the other extroverted, with the two parents introverted in a different perspective. We now understand how and where our son gets his energy from and do not try to make him behave like the rest of the introverted family. Wendy is my favorite facilitator and I have had her perform several team building sessions for my team. She helped my team understand each other better. As a manager I took full benefit of what Wendy introduced to my team to better manage a large and diverse team. I highly recommend any parent with kids to attend the workshop on Personality Types and Raising kids. It will help any parent understand how sometimes we involuntarily try to change our kid’s personality into something that is not what they truly are.

Bernardo Mariano, Director of the International Organization for Migration in South Africa

Wendy is the best career coach with whom I have ever worked. She blends her expertise in behavior, business, and career management in a way, which yields superior results. I would definitely work with her again. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.

Gary Phillips, MD (client) VP of Business Intelligence, Merck (Geneva, Switzerland)

I have worked with Wendy in a professional and personal capacity and she never ceases to impress me. Wendy has an amazing ability to get quickly understand the situation and make great recommendations. She is easy, insightful and fun to work with and is great for taking an innovative approach to things adding lots of value. I would have no hesitation in recommending Wendy as an executive coach to any organisation.

Avril Murphy, Director at Microsoft

It was a great pleasure for me to work with Wendy on designing and delivering a leadership program for our high potential managers and sales directors in the APAC and EMEA regions of Nokia-Siemens Networks. Wendy was very collaborative and competent to work with plus was very flexible with all the last minute changes in the program. Wendy was unique in engaging and focusing the very international group. They enjoyed the program she designed on Emotional Intelligence. Her delivery was exactly what was needed for the group to getting going on their leadership projects. I would definitely work with Wendy again on other projects as she was creative, reliable and results-oriented to work with and we had fun partnering on this project. Top Qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative.

Elke Sulz, Head of Talent, Leadership and Organizational Development for Global Sales, Nokia Siemens Networks

I recently had the great pleasure of working with Wendy in her capacity as executive coach. Energetic and insightful, Wendy is exceptionally easy to work with. She is easy to get to know and brings lots of experience and insight to her work. She was able to provide me concrete behavior changes I could pursue to improve my work-life balance. Her suggestions have worked wonders. I’m more thoughtful about the decisions I make and for the first time in years I feel that I’m on a sustainable path at work while still excelling at my job.

Kimberly C Howland, VP, Product Strategy & Market Development, Omnicell

I used to sit a soft-skills course that Wendy taught. She is the most remarkable trainer I have ever met! She’s able to use her great deal of empathy to put herself in one’s shoes, understand one’s position, views etc and then give valuable food for thought. She is also an avid and very graceful listener, the kind you want to tell everything. I wish you a chance to work with Wendy as this will be an experience you will remember, and to your great benefit. Thanks Wendy.

Kamil Osmianski, Senior Consultant at Roland Berger Consultancy (Poland)

I have been lucky enough to know and work with Wendy professionally and personally for 20 years. She is an excellent executive coach and deep expert in MBTI who continues to impress. The lessons my clients (and I) have learned from Wendy continue to resonate in our day-to-day lives.

Elena Ponce, Director of Leadership Effectiveness, Salesforce.com

Wendy conducted a half-day working styles and conflict styles exercise for the Salesforce.com Foundation\’s International Team. We are a diverse group from many countries and some were meeting for the first time. Wendy achieved an enormous amount for us in just half a day, with everyone gaining clarity on how they and their colleagues communicate, and how to do this more effectively across borders, languages, time and cultural gaps going forward. Wendy was exceptional in her own presentation and communication style, ensuring that the session was truly of benefit to every participant. She is personable, professional and candid in her approach, and her expertise, sincerity and deep intelligence worked extremely well with our group – some of whom can be a little cynical of team-building exercises. It was a pleasure to work with Wendy, our team will feel the benefits for a long time to come, and I would highly recommend her.

Isabel Kelly, International Director, Salesforce.com

Wendy is fantastic with people! Her understanding and compassion is unique. Wendy is outstanding in any situation involving people and relations in the work place – whether it is in recruitment, solving relational tensions or coaching. I admire her skills and respect her professionalism. Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.

Stefan Oberg, VP and GM Hardware, Skype

I participated in “Lateral Leadership” training about two years ago. The course was extremely productive. I learned a lot and, which is maybe even more important; continue to learn from this training until now. My overall impression is that Wendy provides service of superior quality. She presents fundamental concepts and subtle nuances of communication with elegance, which reveals unbelievable level of expertise. Her empathy and insight are amazing and bring a very special charm to the training. The way that teamwork was arranged during the course reminds me of great orchestra conductors. You know, when different people with their specific skills each playing their own instruments join and play wonderful music together… yeah to me the training has been an example of such a great harmony. I especially appreciate that Wendy succeeds in sharing that skill. Using my “orchestra” analogy, I would say that she could teach you how to become a good conductor. I think that Wendy is a true leader herself. This adds a lot of value to her leadership courses because one cannot just study the approach but can also follow a role model clearly showing how it is intended to work. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.

Oleg Ignatenko, Engineering Manager Sun Microsystems (Russia)

During last few years I’ve visited several trainings of Wendy. I understood that Wendy is a highly qualified professional in her business and I would like to recommend her to you. Wendy states the material very thoroughly and always supports it with additional details. During the trainings she always has to answer to a number of questions and it’s necessary to note that she always ready to give answers. Sometimes she even answers by mail and all the listeners feel feedback. The most important characteristics of Wendy’s courses are that all the members become a team just in shortest time, and the result of it was really impressive. I should say that Wendy is able to keep attention of all the listeners constantly. I think that it is not so easy as sometimes the trainings take three days from morning till night but nobody is bored! It is interesting for everyone! And what is very important is that after the trainings there is a great wish to use the received knowledge on practice. Wendy is not only the excellent teacher, she also presents inspiration to everyone. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.

Misha Davidov, Engineering Manager at Sun Microsystems (Russia)

I attended this workshop (“Personality Types and Raising Kids”) a couple of years ago and it was really very, very good. Wendy is a vibrant, engaging trainer who has a passion for MBTI and real talent for personality type training. She brings with her not only extensive knowledge of the subject, but also many real-life anecdotes that help the participant to relate the subject to everyday life. Attending this particular workshop was a real eye-opener for me as far as understanding my own child is concerned. I left with a better understanding of his differences and preferences…which were not the same as mine. And therefore I realized the importance of not imposing my way of doing certain things on my son. Wendy is also a real people-person. She puts her participants at ease in a friendly and safe environment. Attending training with Wendy at the helm is always fun and relaxing. At the same time she is extremely professional…down to the last detail.

Kathy Everlet, Learning Officer at the United Nations

I went to the Yahoo program “It’s about you ! ” Career Development Workshop in 2009 that Wendy developed and delivered for Yahoo’s high potential employees in EMEA. The workshop was very successful in the EMEA region for helping our high potentials feel more engaged and inspired around their work. Wendy brought a lot of energy, insights and professionalism into her trainings. In 2010 I had Wendy design and develop a team building workshop for my team of Sales Directors. We all enjoyed it and profited from many additional insights about ourselves and each other. My experience of Wendy is that she is very perceptive about people, straight forward and fun. I would be happy to work with her again in the future. I highly recommend Wendy to anyone who wants to drive peak team performance via cultural change.

Mark Rabe, Senior VP of EMEA Sales Yahoo!